2022 Gathering at The Cove
June 10th -12th

More Information

Check-In: 3Pm-5PM

The Cove prefers no earlier arrivals at the Gate.

Covid Regulations:
  • Temperature Checks will no longer be required. 

    • Upon arrival, guests will stop at the Gatehouse to receive direction to their inn. ​

  • Masks are a personal preference but are no longer required. 

  • Social Distancing is no longer enforced. 

  • Complete Cove COVID-19 regulations can be found at https://thecove.org/health-safety-guidelines/

Dress code:
  • Dress is Church Casual …..whatever that is.

    • Some wear "church more formal" like shirts and ties, or for ladies, "Sunday go to meeting outfits" for the Sunday service in the Chapel.

Upon arrival:
  • Check-In with Security at the gate. They will provide a Parking Placard and will direct you to your lodge location.

  • Once you arrive at your specified lodge, you will be greeted in the lobby.

    • We will be lodged in both the Pilgrim and Shepard Inns.

  • Check-in at the Inns will be contactless by the Cove staff.

Musician Sound checks:
  • Sound checks will be conducted in the Main Auditorium 4:00 to 5:30 PM.

  • Please bring a CD or DVD for with your arrangements.

    • Lee Ponder, our great A/V coordinator will be with us again. He has served us well for several years.


We hope that all the artists will be prepared to do two or three of their songs over the weekend.

  • All meals will be served in the food service area Training Center.

    • Unique spacing set up by the Cove group to provide social distancing.

  • Final Meal schedule will be posted closer to the event. 

Additional information & check out:
  • First session of The Gathering begins in the main auditorium of the Training Center at 7:30 PM.

  • Shuttle buses will transport everyone to and from all functions in different buildings.

  • Speaker Bios will be included in your welcome package. 

  • The final guest roster will be submitted on May 1st, 2021. We can not promise any changes will be accepted after that date.

  • Sunday check out time 12:00PM.

    • This will permit the Cove staff to prepare for a large group arriving Sunday after noon.

Are you new to the gathering?
  • The Cove website has several virtual views of the Cove campus you can view here
  • The Cove Blog can be viewed here
  • Previous Gathering pictures can be viewed here
​We will email and post here any additional information that needs to be shared before arrival. 


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