21st Century kind of slavery

A 21st Century Kind of Slavery.…..Gadget Addition

Can these slaves ever be freed? Their capturers are powerful. They are called cell phones, and lap tops. Many of the slaves have been infected by Nomophobia, a deep fear of being anywhere without an electronic device. Symptoms include frequent plubbing, (the condition of ignoring others around you and paying intense attention to nothing but your phone), exhilaration syndrome; (being in a constantly state of excitement and expectation for calls, or texts), personal relationship aversion, constant staring at the devices, and possible carpel tunnel from poor ergonomic texting and holding practices.

Words of advice from the Apostle Paul:

 “I am allowed to do anything,” you say. My answer to this is that not all things are good. Even if it is true that “I am allowed to do anything, I will not let anything control me like a slave.”.....1 Corinthians 6:12 

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