Has communion become an add-on?

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Doris and I attended a small rural church this past Sunday. The service included communion, the service of commemorating the Lord’s Supper that was conducted by Jesus on Passover, just prior to His arrest and subsequent crucifixion. For some reason, that service re-ignited the special meaning for me. It became more than a mere progression and add-on to a Church service.

So often, we diminish the wonderful importance of communion. We go through the motions of the process, without grasping the significance of the prayers and the importance of the biblical rationale for the sacrament.

Let us bury deep in our hearts the belief that communion is not just a time of gulping a morsel of unleavened bread and sipping the juice from the fruit of the vine, while briefly reflecting on the remembrance of Jesus, The Christ. We must all make communion a significant emotional event in our lives. A significant emotional event usually causes a significant change in our lives.

Next time we partake of communion, let us focus upon, profoundly know, and embed in our hearts, that the small piece of bread is symbolic of a spit upon, mangled, beaten, and stabbed body of a real man who died a real death. The drinking of the fruit of the vine is symbolic of the immense bloodshed of a real man who suffered a real death.

Yes, we must celebrate each Lord’s Supper, not as a ritualistic exercise, but as a significant emotional event. As saved devotees of Jesus, we have inherited a soul deep freedom infinitely beyond any imagination those of the world could ever grasp. That real freedom was bought and has been paid for all eternity, by the actual death of that real Man. Jesus,

The Christ, Son of God.

Love you and God Bless you.

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