Cotton Candy Christians?

Many, many years ago I helped an uncle spin cotton candy at the Knoxville annual Tennessee Valley A and I Fair. Secretly, I detested cotton candy, It was really nothing but hot air and sugar.

Are we, by chance, Cotton Candy Christians and Church fillers? A lot of hot air and sugar flows from our mouths, yet there is little commitment beyond that. Our Churches need less hot air and sugar and more genuine commitment to the commandments of God, delivered from a warm heart and convicted soul.

There are four principles called the four P’s of marketing that generally determine whether a business succeeds or fails.

The principles are very applicable to Church success or failure. The four P’s applied to the church are:

1. Product….We have the only perfectly designed, absolutely functional, eternally reliable product.

2. Place….Thousands of small, large, and mega-churches offer a place to worship

3. Price….The greatest product, the product of God’s grace is absolutely free.

4. Promotion… Allegedly, over one hundred million professing Christians living in America are commanded to spread the Gospel

Oh, by the way, what is the product? It’s a simple, but priceless, product: Eternal salvation from the acts of grace of Jesus crucified and Jesus resurrected. Complete product warranty and instruction can be found in the Holy Bible.

Quicken me according to Your loving

kindness; so, shall I keep the testimony of Your mouth……… Psalm 119:88

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