You might have never noticed how much of an if, then … world you live in.

Think of some of the ways this conditional equation effects your every moment, every day life. If you use a correct key, then a lock will open. If you point and press the remote key, then the TV channel will change. If you present a valid credit card, then the transaction can occur. If you open the refrigerator, then you can remove items. If you submit the correct entry your computer is programmed to receive, then you can proceed to the next step in the process. The controlling core of all computerized systems is based on the if, then … process.

Every facet of our lives includes the if, then … equation. Beyond that, our spiritual direction and eternal destination is determined by our answer to an if, then … question. The Holy Bible is filled with conditional if, then … decisions. If we believe in Jesus Christ, repent, and confess our sins, then we have eternal salvation. If we are to be disciples of Christ, then we must love God with all our heart and soul, and love others like ourselves. If we have salvation, then we will seek righteousness with all our hearts.

How will you handle your next if, then … question when you are called to serve Christ in some capacity?

What will you choose?
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